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22 September 2006

An Old Blog Post

by Patrick

This is an old blog post I made from several years ago. It is a good example of a Clever Human:


my downstairs neighbor likes to feed bread to the ducks


the other day I caught him doing it

…and there were no ducks


I was on my way to work and I glanced over

and stopped

and stared at him for a minute watching him throw some bread

I looked around for ducks. There were no ducks.

I looked back at him

and watched him throw another piece of bread

So I looked around for ducks again. Still no ducks. Lots of bread, though. He had obviously been doing this for awhile.

So I looked back at him. Stared for a second.

Then I walked to my car

I guess I was wrong. He doesn’t really like to feed the ducks

He just likes to throw bread