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22 September 2006

Blogging with Windows Live Writer

by Patrick

I am using Windows Live Writer to post my blog. So far it seems to be pretty decent for my needs. It is a WYSIWYG editor that supports several different blog formats. The blog system I use is dasBlog and Windows Live Writer had that as a pick list item. Supposedly it also supports open formats such as  Movable Type.

Windows Live Writer read the settings straight from my website and I was up and blogging in seconds. Very easy. Very simple.

hmm… perhaps I’ve spoken too soon! When I try and publish this post I am getting this error message:

Server Error 0 Occurred

request contains invalid dateTime value [request : parameter 3 : struct mapped to type Post : member dateCreated mapped to type DateTime : dateTime]

What could the problem be…

Well… I copied it into a new blog instance and that seems to work.