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9 October 2006

Clever Humans Love God

by Patrick

God is a comforting thought. There is a being that understands you. He knows why you chose to be a programmer. Why you don’t quit your job. Why you said that to the woman in the elevator. Somewhere, unbelievably, someone Really Knows You. Deep inside. And more than that. He Loves what He sees. He made it that way and He Loves it. He Loves it like you loved the first girl you ever french kissed. He Loves it more than you love to fuck.

God is a comforting thought. Without God you are alone. Truly and pathetically alone. You can have a wife or a girlfriend and she will know you. But she will not Know you. Not ever. She won’t understand the potential you are wasting. She won’t know what you could become if you only ever stopped being afraid. But God does. He knows everything there can possibly be to know. About you.

God is a comforting thought. He doesn’t judge you. He is not your mother trying to make you do something you don’t want to do. He is forgiving of anything you do. No matter what it is, there is no way you can fuck up so bad that he won’t take you back.

God is so pure. So forgiving. So loving. There is nothing else you need in your life but God.

No wonder people believe in Him so much. No wonder they cling so fervently to the belief in Him. He makes life easier. He makes life bearable.

He is a comforting fantasy. Something to cling to. Like the hot girl who lives down the street or winning the lottery, he is a fantasy that makes falling asleep easier. Not so lonely. But just a fantasy. Like being able to turn invisible, or teleport. Just another very cool thought that has absolutely no bearing in reality.