Clever Humans


Clever Humans do the darnedest things!


25 October 2006


by Patrick

We currently live in a pre-flip time. To our grand children or great grand children, we will live in a world that is completely upside down. Nothing we do today will seem right from their point of view.

To them, north will be south and south will be north. Odds are within the next couple hundred years the earth’s magnetic field will flip. Our magnetic field will get weaker.

Our children won’t get cool mutant powers. But they might get cancer more. Before the switch, or during the switch, the magnetic field itself will flip about. We might even get more poles than just two for a bit.

Aurora borealis all over the world. Except it will be named wrong. And hopefully by the time it happens we will have cured cancer by then, so that won’t be a big deal.

But invariably, they will be able to look back on us and exclaim how backward we all were. Some things will never change.