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24 August 2007

Old Music Review

by Patrick

I’ve spent the last several weeks either reacquiring music I listened to years ago, or listening to old music that I had always meant to get around to, but never really did.

Part of the impetus for this exploration came from two things:

One, I recently discovered the PodCast for Sound Opinions, an American Public Media Show. Sound Opinions is a great show that reviews and discusses a lot of great music. Pretty much everything I’ve heard on this show matches my tastes.

Two, I was going through a lot of the podcast archives of Sound Opinions and on one of the episodes I learned that Tony Wilson died. Tony Wilson was one of the founders of Factory Records.

I have always been a fan of the music produced by Factory Records.  Their catalog included bands like Joy Division, New Order, James, Cabaret Voltaire, The Happy Mondays, and many, many more.

I had never really listened to Cabaret Voltaire before, but I had heard some tracks and listened to the odd song here or there. I liked what I heard but never really listened to anything in depth. So I took a chance.

I am certainly no music reviewer or music historian. I don’t know the historical context of what might have made Cabaret Voltaire more relevant or edgy in the time when they produced music. But, this is the internet, and even the most unqualified person can post opinions on topics that have no business having opinions on.

So, I like Cabaret Voltaire, but I don’t think it is something that will be in heavy rotation for me. Every individual track on the album I bought (The Original Sound of Sheffield) was good and listenable. But they are not listenable sequentially. It sounds more like music you would *use* for something (a commercial, background music for a movie, an interesting commercial, fucking) than like music you would put in your mp3 player and listen to while going about your daily minutiae.