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27 August 2007

Things I Learned This Week

by Patrick

I spent a lot of time writing a Windows Presentation Foundation application this weekend. It is a Podcast application for ClariFeed. Mostly I’m writing it because I’m not happy with any of the current podcast applications out there. Also it makes a good addition to ClariFeed. Though I probably should have spent the time working on improving the front end of ClariFeed.

Writing this application I learned a great deal about WPF. One thing I learned is that the WinForms method InvokeRequired() no longer exists. It has been replaced with Dispatcher.CheckAccess(). The new Dispatcher object is simpler to use than the old InvokeRequired. Additionally, delegate syntax has been greatly simplified.

The other thing I learned that makes life very simple is the BackgroundWorker class. BackgroundWorker is essentially the same class that you wrote yourself to execute code on a different thread in previous versions. But now the helper class already exists for you.

Another thing I learned is that it is very easy to make plain looking WPF applications. However, you need to be a graphic designer if you want your app to be beautiful. No doubt I’ll finish this application in another weekend or two, and then spend forever trying to make it look pretty.

Other lessons in no particular order:

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