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16 December 2007

I Tally The Votes!

by Patrick

For the last little bit of long time, I have been vacationing in Italy. Now, after much walking and drinking and walking and eating, I have returned. I took pictures. People keep asking if I took pictures. I did. Really. I did. Do you truly think I would travel all the way to Italy and not take pictures? I will post them in a separate area. Some are pictures of beautiful fine art masterpieces…

…of a group of men staring at some guy’s ass. Others are pictures of the city I visited, or other things that tickled my fancy.

I stayed for two weeks in Napoli (Naples), Italy. I had intended to blog a lot of my trip. I brought my laptop for the express purpose of doing just that (and other things). Well, I brought my laptop but failed to remember the power adapter. No laptop’s battery will last for two weeks. Everyone to whom I tell this story has a reaction similar to, “oh well, probably for the best anyway.” And truly, I understand the sentiment, but they are not me. I like to write. I like to work on my computer. It is how I relax before I go to bed at night. It is how I wind down from the day. During the day, as I walked around the sites of Italy, I would be taking notes in my head: “You should blog about this,” or, “This is interesting, and here is a clever way to describe it.”

Oh well, probably for the best anyway.

I will post my impressions of the city in another post. I am still going through all my pictures and trying to organize them into coherent stories so I can group them into albums.

One of the things about using a digital camera versus a film camera is that you are far less parsimonious with your clicking away. You wind up with four or five slightly different pictures of the same thing. A lot more to go over and review, but also a lot more choice when choosing the right picture. It is one of the things professional photographers have always done; just snap, snap, snap with no concern over how much it will cost to develop the film. Truthfully, I think it is one of the things that make a professional’s photos look so much better than a normal person’s. It is not just the techniques and skills, but it is the ability to choose the best one snap from thousands of options.

It is fun going over the photos and putting together my notes. A lot of times while taking a picture I also thought of a caption or explanation that would go with it. The intent was to get back to the room, download the photos, and note the captions and notes at that time. But now, as much as two weeks later, I am happy with how much I am remembering of the details pictures. I guess they are worth about a thousand words.

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