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31 January 2008

Incredible Gmail Memory Usage

by Patrick

 Over the past couple weeks I’ve been noticing unbelievable amounts of memory usage when using Gmail. Whether I am using FireFox or Internet Explorer, the same behavior happens. I am running this on Windows Vista. This is an absolutely insane amount of memory usage!

The image above shows Internet Explorer 7 with only one tab open (and you’ll have to take my word that this instance has never had more than one tab open). Over that you see process explorer showing the amount of memory Internet Explorer is currently using, and the max amount of memory it has ever used.

Look at the numbers! (click the link). Over 1 GIGABYTE of memory being used!

What in Christ is it doing?! Loading every single email message I have stored in GMail into memory? This is absolutely insane!

And it happens constantly. I am always having to restart IE to bring the memory usage back down to tolerable levels.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

tags: gmail - programming