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25 March 2008

How You Can Tell When MSDN Documentation is Lacking

by Patrick

This is one of the top landing pages on my blog. Most people find it by searching on google for WPF Passwordbox Value. Additionally, on that search, my post is the top entry (as of right now). And none of the results below my post on google look like they would provide the answer. I don’t know how Microsoft can collect metrics like this, but this is an obvious deficiency in their documentation and samples.

It also points out how bad a decision it was to make the PasswordBox value something besides “Text” or “Context.” It is the only control that has a different property for reading or setting the value. It is also the only time a PasswordBox, in the entire history of Windows Libraries that I’ve used from Microsoft, has had a different way to read its value from a normal TextBox.

Also, it is telling that the only way I found this information was from WPF Unleashed, which is a great WPF book. But, who really buys books about specific technologies anymore? That’s why Al Gore invented the internet, so we don’t have to buy technical books anymore. This is a really good one for its subject matter, though.

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