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25 April 2008

Friday Recap 4/25/08

by Patrick

You know, it isn’t a Good Friday unless a Savior dies. I had hoped that posting these Friday recaps would make me post more during the week. But, alas, it hasn’t. Of course, this is only my second one. I blame our instant gratification based society. On to the recap:

If you have a conversation with me for any length of time, odds are I will quote a song lyric. They just pop in my head. Something you or I will say will remind me of the lyric of a song, and I will spit it out. It is kinda fun, and funny. At least I think it is. No doubt some find it annoying.

This week one of my coworkers turned me on to the podcast of the WNYC public radio show RadioLab. I had never before heard this show, though I do remember hearing it before. The first episode I listened to, the most recent one, was called Pop Music.

Earworms – It has happened to you. Some song wriggles its way into your brain and won’t leave. Now imagine that the distant tune in the back of your head suddenly becomes very real. A real song. Real drums. Real guitar. Volume. These are called musical hallucinations and there are some people who actually suffer from them on a daily basis.

I certainly don’t have musical hallucinations. But the show was very interesting and I identified quite a bit with the people they were talking about.

Why is Umbraco named that? It is a stupid and hard to spell name. I hope it means something in some language. And I hope it is something clever. Umbraco so far seems to be pretty clever. It is an open sourced, Microsfot.Net and SQL Server based Content Management System for websites. If you didn’t understand that just go ahead and skip to the next bullet point.

I may post separately about Umbraco and me setting it up. I may wind up moving this site to Umbraco eventually (once I get past the “playing with it” stage). I may do none of that. The future is wide open. Umbraco is a pretty intuitive and extendible application. You are able to create templates of types of data. These templates are created in very standard HTML. Then you can create content based on those templates. It all sounds very simple, but the Umbraco implementation of it is quite nice. …I’ll just post more about it later instead of trying to explain it now.

See what I mean about the song lyrics? They are everywhere. I signed up months and months ago for the Disney Half Marathon this coming January. I say “this coming January” when it is only April because I am hugely fat and terrifically out of shape and I need to start training now to be able to win the marathon come January. So this week I worked hard to accomplish that goal by doing absolutely nothing. Not a thing. Barely left this chair. (or a very similar chair that I have at work).

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