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10 October 2008

Wherein I Cover “Maybe I’m Amazed” Covers

by Patrick

I like the Paul McCartney song, “Maybe I’m Amazed.” It covers a whole range of emotions and feelings. McCartney wonders if he is a man, wonders if his lover is a woman, hints that he might, possibly, be amazed at the idea that he is feeling an emotion that isn’t amazement. It’s a song everyone can relate to. We have all had those moments where we suddenly stop having sex and wonder if our partner is male or female. Right? Haven’t we? All of us?

It’s a great song, a true classic. And like all true classics, thousands of people have sung their own versions in front of a camera and uploaded them to YouTube.


I just tried singing it for the first time here, alone, in my house, by myself, where no one could ever possibly hear me. For the first time. I sounded a lot like this:

Maybe this cover is amazing. Maybe it’s terrifying. Me, I’m going to go with terrifying. Maybe I’m amazed the baby survived the entire performance.

Even people with down’s syndrome have gotten in on the act and performed a version! Maybe he just has a cold. Baby I’b abased ab da way ya lub me all da tibe.

Some people are able to cover especially crappy versions of the songs right after waking up. This kid manages to sing this atrocious cover in a female voice without ever moving his mouth.

Even the clergy get in on the action. This is the Catholic version. Father McFadden and his crazy effects pedal.

I don’t know if this guy is for real or not. He put a lot of work into it if he isn’t. I’m afraid if I criticize it too much he will run me down with a snowmobile and feed me to his cats.

And then there’s Dr. Slam. I know. You were worried I wasn’t going to be able to find someone to top the hands guy. Remember, this is YouTube! Dr. Slam is the guy from Total Recall who takes off his hand and unfolds an extra arm. I think everyone who gave this guy positive comments is really just Dr. Slam himself, signing in under different accounts.