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23 April 2010

Music Ennui

by Patrick

I never know what to listen to anymore. I have nearly 100 various Pandora stations. All of them very fascinating and interesting. But all of them also very one note. All the music in those stations sound the same. And if I deliberately pick extremely strange and weird music that is completely opposite (say, KMFDM, Jonathon Coulton, Dr. Dre, and Faith Hill) then eventually Pandora just starts playing all Led Zeppelin.

In fact, I think that is Pandora’s “alright, you stumped me” music. If it can’t figure out what to play, it plays Led Zeppelin.

To stave off the ennui, I’ve taken to closing my eyes, and using my mouse wheel to scroll up and down through the list of stations I’ve set up in Pandora One, and randomly clicking. I will then listen to that station, no matter what it is, until it starts to irritate me. 

So, right now, I am listening to “Brother Ali Radio” which is all Brother Ali and similar “conscious rappers.”