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10 September 2010

Why Are Buddhists So Into The Numbered Lists Of

by Patrick

Why are Buddhists so into the numbered lists of things? There are 18 feelings, 5 desires, 8 fold path, 4 noble truths, 3 insights, 5 degrees of enlightenment, to name only a very, very few.

I mean, all religions seem to have their list of things (7 deadly sins, 7 ways to win, 7 holy paths to hell…. oh, wait, that’s a song,) but Buddhists take it to an extreme.

For instance, here are the 9 Kinds of Belligerence:

  1. This person has harmed me.
  2. This person is harming me.
  3. This person will harm me.
  4. This person has harmed my friend.
  5. This person is harming my friend
  6. This person will harm my friend.
  7. This person has helped my enemy.
  8. This person is helping my enemy.
  9. This person will help my enemy.

Is it really just about verb conjugation and learning the various tenses?

I suppose, to be a good Buddhist, I must strive to practice all 9 of those. Or something.