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10 April 2011

I’ve been weakened by a wizard on a wave

by Patrick

I promise not to turn this into a series of song lyric posts. But I just watched this youtube video which purports to show the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter, and I must say, those lyrics are completely wrong!


Here are the true lyrics, feel free to read these as you listen to the song. You will see I am right:

On a ceiling
With a voice so bitter
I said,
”Man, you said,
‘I wanna leave it again.’”

Once I saw her
On a beach of
weathered horses.
I’m gonna say,
I wanna leave it again.

I’ve been weakened
By a wizard on a wave

And it goes, “Lanna say, Nanna Woah, wanna say,”
then I call out again.

And the wizard, on an evil combine, Oh!
He said, “I know whether I’m the boxer or the bag!”

Oh yeaahhh!

Can you see them? Out on the porch?
But they don’t wave

Yeah, I see them, by the runway. yeah.

And I know, that I know, I don’t wanna stay.

Make me cry.

{crying guitary solo}

Ahhhhh, geez,
I don’t wanna thumbnail

On the combine, on the wave
Out there,
I don’t, I don’t know whether there is a box or a bag.

Oh yeaaahhh.
Can you see them?
Out on the porch.
Can I get away?

yeah, I see them,
round the runway.

And I know, that I know, I don’t want to sleep.

I don’t wanna stay.

I don’t wanna stay!

I don’t understand.




Really. Listen. You will see I am right.