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30 January 2013

Productive Days

by Patrick

Today I took the first steps towards completing a project. One day I hope to take the last steps. It seems, though, that so often those first few steps come far easier than the final ones. As if each step is a weight that gets added to the next. A linear progression of increased labor as the work of the previous step makes the next harder to take. Ideally your experience with the project and understanding of its details would match pace with the increased difficulty, perfectly cancelling out the weight of all previous steps. Ideally. In reality it never seems to be so. Complexity fractals outward making the total number of steps infinite. No project is ever complete unless it is the project of us; growing, living, learning, loving, dying. And then it only completes because it ends, not because we got it right.

But all that aside, today was a productive day. I took many steps. Many of them were even in a forward direction. Tomorrow will see how much needs be erased.

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