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29 October 2017

My first prompt


This category contains the results of my writing for at least twenty minutes on a given prompt. The prompts can come from anywhere, but I think I am going to try to work through someone’s book. If possible, I will include the prompt, or at least a synopsis of the prompt, at the beginning of the post. Some of these prompt writers can go on and on.

I am writing this in my new Jekyll blog hosted on github pages. I have come to really like Jekyll as a blog engine, and think that incredibly complicated sites can probably be made in Jekyll. Even though everything is a static page in Jekyll, all that really means is that the server cannot modify the page before it is served. Local JavaScript can, of course, modify the page as you see fit. I’m sure someone somewhere has shoehorned React or AngularJs into a Jekyll site before. Not that I want to go that far, just interesting that it is possible. And as far as dynamic data goes, well, you could dummy something up using JSON files in a Jekyll directory, I’m sure. But I think the easier solution is just to have an API server sitting out on a free heroku instance somewhere.

Anyway, I am excited about starting these prompts. I don’t know at what frequency I will do them, but I’d like to start with at least one a week. And if I do more than that, then great.