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29 October 2017

practice “negative visualization” to “forestall and reverse hedonic adaptation”


Found this just googling for writing prompts and it caught my eye. The prompt comes from here:

writing prompt #835 — practice “negative visualization” to “forestall and reverse hedonic adaptation”

“Welcome to today’s ‘Negative Visualization’ class,” said Martha. She stood in front of class with her hands on her hips. “Today we will learn to forestall and reverse the hedonic adaptation the world forces on your.

“Please take a seat and center yourself so we can begin.”

Paul and I sat on the floor, trying to get comfortable on the tiny pillows provided for us. Martha folded herself effortlessly into a lotus position and looked at us expectantly. It was just Paul and I. No one else had shown.

“Everyone ready? Ok, let’s begin.

“Breathe in. Visualize all the negativity in the world landing on your shoulders.

“Breathe out. Feel the weight of that awful burden settling in, know for all the world that you can never shake it.

“Breathe in. The mortgage bill, the car payment, the phone and gas and insurance and water and sewage and all the bills in the world.

“Breathe out. Know that they are yours and yours alone. You are solely responsible for everything. Everything is up to you.

“Breathe in. Visualize a fun night out with the family. Going to the movies, dinner afterward, sex with your wife.

“Breathe out. Feel the pressure of how you are going to pay for this small luxury. Visualize your credit card balance getting higher. Know that you can never perform to your wife’s expectations.”

Paul glanced over at me. This was the last time I was taking one of my wife’s goddamn meditation classes.