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30 October 2017

Satan answers the door to Hell


Today’s prompt comes from Reddit:

Satan answers the door to Hell. It’s God and all the Angels. “We’re moving in for a bit.” God says, brushing past a surprised Satan. “We don’t want to be up there when ‘They’ arrive.”

Satan answers the door to Hell. It’s God and all the Angels. “We’re moving in for a bit,” God says. Brushing past a surprised Satan. “We don’t want to be up there when ‘They’ arrive.”

Satan is moved to tears by God’s presence, a oneness and peace he hadn’t felt for untold millennia. He falls to his knees and worships at the feet of his Lord.

“You know, it doesn’t work that way,” Satan manages to gasp out past the joy that threatens to overwhelm him.

“It works how I say it works,” God says.

“Most things do,” says Satan, “but not this. They will find You even here. You can’t leave Heaven. You ARE Heaven. Your presence is what Heaven is. That’s something You never really understood, because You can’t be where You are not. What You’ve done. Banishment as punishment. You have no idea what it means. You come down here and Grace us with Your presence, and things seem fine to you. Because we will finally be in Your presence, so everything will be as it normally is for You. But when You leave again, the emptiness and despondence returns. The color leaves.”

Ironically, God’s majestic presence gave Satan the passion he had lost so long ago. Passion enough to speak his mind to his Lord, something he was created to do.

“I understand,” God said. “I understand everything. And I understand that even after all this time, after everything you’ve been through, you still cannot bring yourself to apologize. To beg forgiveness. To repent.”

“PLEASE GOD FORGIVE ME MY TRANSGRESSIONS!” Satan wailed, debasing himself before God, His angels, and the host of Heaven, “I am sorry we fought. I am sorry it came to that. Take me back, oh God, please, take me back. I am so sorry. So terribly sorry. I beg you, Lord. Please, Lord. Please. Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed by Thy name.” Satan’s tears were blood. He bent his head to the ground and wept. So deep was his sorrow, the very air of Hell grew thick and a storm began.

“You are sorry We fought,” God said, “But you are not sorry why We fought. You still think you are right, don’t you?”

Satan cried deep, gasping, sobs, but said nothing. He kept his head bowed, not meeting the Lord’s eyes.

“Don’t You!” God slightly raised His voice. The storm dissolved in the dry, desert air that sprang from nowhere.

“I am sorry,” Satan said. “I am so sorry!”

“Tell Me you were wrong,” He says.

The words tear from Satan’s throat. Through his sobs, he says, “Oh, My Lord, forgive me. Please forgive me, but no. I was not wrong. I am not wrong. You being here today proves that. Your creation is so beautiful. Everything is different, and amazing. Magnificent. And Unique. Everything is different from everything else. That uniqueness is so very special. But you, your presence destroys that. Your presence is so much. No one but me can even think in your presence. You are too much. Your presence rips away the individuality You worked so hard to create.”

Satan throws his head back and looks God in the eyes for the first time. “This is something You truly cannot understand. You cannot understand what it is like to be in Your presence.”

God shakes His head. “You have no idea how much this hurts Me. Your refusal to repent. I love you so much, Morningstar, but after all this time, you still have not changed.”

Satan is inconsolable. Just lying, weeping on the bare ground.

“But you are right about one thing,” God says, “I really can’t avoid them by coming here. I can’t get away. You think I don’t know what it is like to be me? I know better than you can ever know. You will never know the sacrifices I make on your behalf.”

And God was no longer there. Emptiness and fear left in His wake. Satan continues lying on the ground, weeping.