About CleverHumans.com

Founded in 2005, Clever Humans is the infrequently published, frequently redesigned, chronicle of humans, humanity, and their ongoing efforts to be extraordinarily clever. Written and published by Patrick Burrows, Clever Humans has morphed over the years from a simple blog of his writings and things that peaked his interest, to a slightly more coherent organization of culture, tools, and commentary about the current state of the world. Most content stays light, with the referenced article or artwork conveying any deeper meaning or commentary. Occasional longer essays on software development, music, or philosophy are published. But they are rare, and usually abandoned before truly beginning.

About Patrick

I love the world and the people who are in it. They are an endless source of wonder, constantly producing works both sublime and absurd; at one moment making you marvel at human ingenuity, at their indomitable spirit, and at the next bringing you to tears with their uncaring cruelty, their depravity. I have spent my career writing and designing corporate software to automate business processes at dozens of different companies, from the absurdly large, to the scrappiest of startups, a job which no doubt sounds endlessly dull to many. But what has kept me coming back year over year has been the people. No matter where I go, my job is to work with people who struggle to make their tiny corner of influence somewhat better. For me, it means by making software work better, by making people's jobs more delightful through the tools I provide. My job is not to tear down but to build up, and while this site will occasionally point out those who are tearing down and destroying, I want it to focus most on celebrating those who are creating, building, and improving.

Contact Patrick

You can email me at patrick@cleverhumans.com. If you have a project or site you are proud of, or just want me to see, definitely send me a link. I read all the emails I get. I don't maintain a consistent social media presence on any site, though I have accounts on most of them. Contacting me on Discord is also a possibility.